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On Monday evening, I attended the Internet Marketing Party in downtown Austin as part of Austin's Startup Week. The event was facilitated by David Gonzalez, who offered valuable tips to make the most of the internet marketing strategies you're already using.

Do you AIDA?

That’s Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
— David Gonzalez


you must grab your audience's attention with a salivation-worthy hook. Who is your target market, and what kind of click-bait header would they be unable to resist?


hold their interest by offering them something of value, whether or not they intend to buy. Your chances of converting the sale are slim to none if people aren't at least still reading.


create the desire to buy. In what ways will their lives improve by purchasing your service/product? Is your free "interest" section so strong that they can't help but want to see what your paid services look like?


plant that big blinking Call to Action button where your reader can't fail to miss it--and voila! A SALE!

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