Jess is available to facilitate the following workshops for your small group of 5-50 participants. Customized for girls' nights, youth groups, teacher trainings, corporate retreats, etc. For specific dates/events, please inquire.


January 21: Save your Sanity! Time-Blocking for the New Year
February 18: Legacy Writing 1: The Memoir & the Autobiography
March 18: Legacy Writing 2: The Life Review & Creative Nonfiction
April 15: Video Marketing & Vlogging (with Golden Arm Media)
May 20: Blogging for Business or Fun
June 17: Introduction to Screenwriting
July 15: The Weird, The Gorgeous, and The Pretentious: Writing Experimental Novels, Novellas, & Short Stories
August 19: Untellable Tales: Writing Social Justice-Inspired Documentaries
September 16: Storytelling & Branding (with Vantage Coaching) [Register now]
October 28: Writing Business & Self-Help eBooks [Register now]
November 18: Graphic Novels & Novel Graphics [Register now]


Argue Effectively in Speech & Writing
Introduction to Journaling

E-Course: Writing Memoirs and Autobiographies

This 80-minute e-course will teach you to:

  • understand the difference between a memoir and an autobiography

  • appreciate contemporary examples of legacy writing

  • visually map your life's timeline

  • chart your life as a series of actions and obstacles

  • begin writing your life story

  • hold yourself accountable to writing

  • self-publish your story

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Thank you very much for the excellent class on memoir-writing! I learned more in your half-day class than I did in a semester-long course at the University of Texas.
— Jeannie R. (April 2015)
“Argue Effectively” was a really great class full of great insights and interactivity. I liked the examples and the chances to practice. I liked that we talked about communication in writing, speech, and even our body language. Great teacher and great learnings!
— Erin W. (November 2016)