Publish your prose with Cider Spoon Stories

Okay, so we’ve written your book. Now what?

In the digital age, do you self-publish an e-book? Put it for sale on Amazon and Kindle and Nook? Would you rather have a hard copy? ... Paperback, or leather-bound?

The choices are many, but they boil down to a single decision: how do you wish to preserve your legacy?

You put in all the work to tell your story. Now let’s make sure someone hears it.

Cider Spoon has an established relationship with Forty Acres Press at the University of Texas Co-op, a quality print-on-demand service affiliated with UT, but which functions as a nonprofit and does business right here in Austin, Texas. The UT Co-op produces glossy, full-color and full-bleed perfect-bound covers, with crisp black-and-white interiors printed on sustainably-sourced paper. 

I am also happy to help you navigate Amazon’s CreateSpace, or even publish your book in whole or part to a personal website.