What’s the ghostwriting process like, you ask?

I’m so glad you’re interested!

It definitely varies from project to project. Are we talking full-length book? Chapbook? Grant proposal? A couple pages of web copy? The possibilities, and the appropriate approaches, are endless!

Let’s say you want to write your life story as a full book. I’ll ask you when it’s most convenient to meet for coffee. We’ll get together, you’ll tell me a little bit about what you have in mind, and I’ll direct the conversation with a couple pointed questions, to make sure we’re on the same page about everything.

At that point, you can decide whether you’re interested in pursuing the project with me. No obligations, and no questions asked if you just don’t feel like I’m the right vehicle. If you *do* want to proceed, however, I’ll slide you a contract to look over and we can talk terms: deadlines, payments, etc--all the “paperwork” we need to get out of the way once and then never worry about again.

Either the same day or later by phone, we’ll set up regular meetings for you to download to me your story. Can you meet once/week? Twice? Only twice a month? Doesn’t matter! I’m here to help you write your story on your schedule.

It’s easy. It’s low-pressure. It’s hopefully FUN!