Who is George Lucas? And Why Do Fans Hate Him? [GUEST POST]

All this hate for George Lucas, the person, has done nothing more than alienate the creator from the fans of his work.
— Caleb Heine

Star Wars isn’t perfect. I’m a hardcore fan and I’m willing to admit that. I even wrote a seminar paper on how George Lucas screwed up the Prequel Trilogy by choosing the wrong character as the audience’s POV. I love having heated debates about which parts were amazing and which parts sucked. But I have never understood the hate for George Lucas. I disagree with many of his storytelling decisions, but I have never in earnest uttered the phrase "George Lucas raped my childhood," a common phrase in Star Wars fan communities.

Caleb Heine, Guest Blogger

Caleb Heine, Guest Blogger

This hatred for Lucas comes mainly from his decisions post-Original Trilogy (released from 1977-1983). Beginning in the 1990s, he made a Prequel Trilogy which told the origin story of Darth Vader, one of the greatest movie villains of all time, and he released special editions of the Original Trilogy on DVD and later Blu-Ray. Both sound great in concept, but Lucas failed greatly in execution. The Prequel Trilogy is overloaded with CGI, has terrible dialogue, and shows Darth Vader as an angst-ridden, mopey teenager. Lucas added CGI to the Original Trilogy in the special editions and even changed the story in some very iconic scenes. But his worst mistake of the special editions was not allowing the original versions to be released, so if you want to watch Star Wars but not on VHS, you must watch the special editions. 

Yes, George Lucas made stupid decisions with the thing we love, but he’s the one who gave it to us in the first place. He has the right to do what he wants with it, including run it into the ground. And the fans have the right to criticize the work, the choices, and not watch it. But all this hate for George Lucas, the person, has done nothing more than alienate the creator from the fans of his work, so much so that he sold Star Wars to Disney. As a writer and creator who aspires to create fictional worlds as captivating as Lucas’s, it is daunting to think that any fans I accumulate could one day turn on me, too.