Memorializing a Loved One with an Everlasting Tribute

People die. It's not one of the loveliest truths about being human. We don't like to think about death because in many ways it means The End ... of being in contact, of sharing day-to-day life, of making new memories. Just because death isn't a welcome visitor, however, doesn't mean it has to be the end of everything. You can memorialize your loved one with an everlasting tribute: a brief overview of a life well-lived, to be either incorporated into the eulogy or distributed to family and friends, perhaps right then at a graveside service, perhaps on the annual anniversary of your loved one's death.

Tributes can range in length from 1 page to 100+. The page count doesn't matter as much as the stories the tribute captures. Favorite meals and songs, lifetime achievements, wedding photos, letters from the grandkids--these are just a sample of the innumerable tokens of pride and love that could be included in a memorial tribute.

Death doesn't always arrive on schedule. It indiscriminately claims the young and the old, the sick and the well, by age or by accident. Tributes won't lessen the pain, but they will help you remember how to smile on particularly dark days when you wish more than anything that your loved one was still with you.

Publish your prose with Cider Spoon Stories

Okay, so we’ve written your book. Now what?

In the digital age, do you self-publish an e-book? Put it for sale on Amazon and Kindle and Nook? Would you rather have a hard copy? ... Paperback, or leather-bound?

The choices are many, but they boil down to a single decision: how do you wish to preserve your legacy?

You put in all the work to tell your story. Now let’s make sure someone hears it.

Cider Spoon has an established relationship with Forty Acres Press at the University of Texas Co-op, a quality print-on-demand service affiliated with UT, but which functions as a nonprofit and does business right here in Austin, Texas. The UT Co-op produces glossy, full-color and full-bleed perfect-bound covers, with crisp black-and-white interiors printed on sustainably-sourced paper. 

I am also happy to help you navigate Amazon’s CreateSpace, or even publish your book in whole or part to a personal website.

Weddings, Anniversaries, & Family Reunions, Oh My!

Introducing a brand new service: memory compilation!

My sister and I as flower girls once upon a time.

My sister and I as flower girls once upon a time.

Did you know that not every book has to have a single author? Write an entire book in one day or weekend by asking the whole family to participate!

When you hire me as your event's memory compiler, I'll help preserve your special day forever by interviewing & capturing attendees' own stories, memories, remarks, or well-wishes.

Weddings are great because they bring the whole clan together. Take advantage of that time to record a whole book of family memories. The memories can be of the happy couple, or stories of other family members' own weddings. What was magical and what went horribly wrong that we can now laugh about? What advice do older couples have for newlyweds?

Same for anniversary parties and family reunions! Get all the genealogy down in one go, so unborn generations can enjoy it years from now.