Jess edits full-length books, novels, screenplays, essays, dissertations, articles, blog entries, website copy, and more. 

More often than not, a writer is “too close” to her draft to review it and edit it objectively. It’s tough to distance yourself from the point of view of “author,” and play-pretend the “reader.” That’s why Cider Spoon Stories offers proofreading and line-editing packages for those who have already written their book. Sometimes you need developmental help to flesh out the very bones of your story, and sometimes you need a contractor to make sure those bones stand sturdy: a great editor!

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Cider Spoon Stories proofreads for grammar and punctuation only, or line-edits for more extensive revisions, including word choice, paragraph transitions, and story structure.

Proofreading costs 2 cents/word, and line-editing costs 5 cents/word. Final cost therefore depends on the length of your manuscript.

  • The average blog entry costs $25 to edit.

  • The average screenplay costs $750 to edit.

  • The average book manuscript costs $2,500 to edit.